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Enhancing Executive Function Skills through Universal Design for Learning

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Summer 2017
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In this comprehensive new book authors Roberta Strosnider and Valerie Sharpe introduce readers to an original, seven-step model for teaching and enhancing students’ executive function skills. The model, which can be used with children in grades K-12, combines executive function skill training and UDL to address both learning strengths and difficulties.
It is evidenced-based as supported by informal assessments. By addressing both learning strengths and difficulties, it is an effective approach for all types of learners. The seven steps are:

  • Step 1: Determine the learner’s deficits in the class profile. This process is used for all students within the classroom. 
  • Step 2: Develop a Game Plan for the student. 
  • Step 3: While considering the content, process and product, and incorporating UDL, select a strategy that will improve the student’s executive function deficits. Post the selected strategy on the Game Plan.
  • Step 4: Teach the strategy using the Self-Regulated Strategy Development components. While teaching the strategy via SRSD, be sure to model the metacognitive process while also teaching the student to use the strategy. Instruct the student to use metacognition as the strategy learning and use takes place. 
  • Step 5: Create a card for the student’s strategy ring. 
  • Step 6: Assess the effectiveness of the strategy. Determine the student’s success in learning and using the strategy. Design a data recording and analysis plan to determine the strategy’s effectiveness.
  • Step 7: Revisit the Game Plan to determine whether the student’s goals have been met. Continue with a success plan.

The authors walk readers through the use of the seven steps to assist students who exhibit typical executive function skill deficits. The use of each step within six distinct areas of EF weakness is modeled for the reader.

Readers will find evidenced-based strategies for teaching and learning that target six distinct areas of EF weakness, along with planning forms, worksheets, assessment tools, and case studies.

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