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The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists By Ken Shore Now Available


From Dr. Kenneth Shore, author of The ABC's of Bullying PreventionAn Educator's Guide to Bullying Prevention, and Bullying Prevention for Students with Disabilities comes the new book The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists: A Practical, Easy-to-Use Guide for All School Staff. This new release is now in stock and can be purchased through the NPR, Inc. website at at http://www.nprinc.com/the-bullying-prevention-book-of-lists/.

There is not an educator in America today for whom bullying is not a concern and bullying prevention is not a responsibility. Educators need to know bullying facts and trends, what their legal and professional responsibilities are, and research-based best practices for responding to and preventing bullying. Furthermore, educators must recognize the fundamental importance of a positive school climate—an environment where all members of the school community feel safe, supported, and respected— and must know how to promote the the values and behaviors that contribute to such a climate. The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists offers all this and more in a convenient, accessible format. Designed to provide school administrators, teachers, and support staff with quick access to key information and practical strategies, this book is an invaluable tool for any K-12 school.

Chapters in The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists include:

  1. Bullying 101
  2. The Circle of Bullying
  3. Cyberbullying
  4. Bullying of Students with Disabilities
  5. Bullying of LGBT Students
  6. School Anti-Bullying Policies and Bullying Prevention Programs
  7. Promoting a Positive School Climate
  8. Preventing Bullying in the Classroom
  9. Responding to Bullying at School
  10. Responding to Bullying Outside of the Classroom

In addition, the book provides an extensive Resources section that recommends useful organizations and websites for school staff, parents and students, as well as links to downloadable surveys and guidance documents, and fiction and non-fiction books for students in elementary, middle and high school. Selected short and full-length films, songs, and anecdotes of celebrities who were bullied are also included in the resources section.

About the Author
Kenneth Shore, Psy.D, received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Rochester and a doctorate in psychology from Rutgers University. He worked for over 25 years as a psychologist and chairperson of a Child Study Team for the Hamilton Township (NJ) Public Schools. He is recipient of the Peterson Prize by Rutgers University, which is awarded to a distinguished alumnus for “outstanding contributions to professional psychology.” Shore was also named School Psychologist of the Year in the State of New Jersey in 2004. He is licensed to practice privately and currently teaches part-time at Rutgers University. He has written numerous books, including The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention: A Comprehensive Schoolwide Approach, (NPR, Inc.) and the laminated reference guides, An Educator’s Guide to Bullying Prevention; Classroom Management: A Guide for Elementary Teachers; A Teacher’s Guide to Working With Parents; A Parent’s Guide to Working With Teachers, and Bullying Prevention for Students with Disabilities (all published by NPR, Inc./Dude Publishing). In addition, he is the featured presenter in the video series, The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention.

Co-Teaching and Technology: Enhancing Communication and Collaboration by Marilyn Friend and Brian Friedlander Now In Stock

From co-teaching authority Marilyn Friend and assistive technology expert Brian Friedlander comes the new six-page, quick-reference laminated guide  Co-Teaching and Technology: Enhancing Communication and Collaboration. This handy tool for co-teachers features an overview of co-teaching fundamentals, along with recommendations of over two dozen free and low-cost applications and programs for Expediting co-planning Improving communication Streamlining data collection Augmenting assessment Simplifying data [...]

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The Inclusive Education Checklist -- New Book New Available

We are pleased to announce the release of The Inclusive Education Checklist: A Self-Assessment of Best Practices, written by Richard Villa and Jacqueline Thousand. This new book is a must-have tool for educators and school administrators seeking to provide a high quality inclusive environment for students with disabilities. The authors present 15 best practices for inclusion and [...]

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Using Data to Improve Student Performance - New Laminated Guide Now Available

Announcing the release of our newest laminated reference guide, Using Data to Improve Student Performance: Making it Meaningful to Classroom Teachers, by David Bateman and Jennifer Cline. This 6-page guide is packed with information on understanding, collecting and interpreting data, and putting it to use. Read more about this new release on our blog. To order, visit http://www.nprinc.com/using-data-to-improve-student-learning/. Note [...]

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Test Anxiety: Strategies to Improve Student Performance – New Laminated Guide Now Available

From Dr. Joseph Casbarro, author of the book Test Anxiety and What You Can Do About It, comes this new quick-reference laminated guide for teachers, parents and school staff. The 6-page guide provides practical, evidence-based strategies for reducing test-related anxiety and improving test performance and overall well-being in students ranging from elementary to high school age. It includes information about the cognitive, [...]

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Executive Function: Skill Building and Support Strategies - New Laminated Guides Now Available

Executive function— the broad set of cognitive skills used to organize, self-monitor, control and direct one’s behavior toward purposeful goals— affects learning, behavior, and every aspect of school success. Students with executive function weaknesses— including many of those diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, and certain other learning disabilities— often struggle with things like memory, attention, time management, self-control, [...]

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New Release: Schools of Social-Emotional Competence and Character

Just in time for Character Education month, we are proud to announce the release of the newest in our series of quick-reference laminated guide for educators: Schools of Social-Emotional Competence and Character: Actions for School Leaders, Teachers, and Support Staff. This six-page laminated guide by Maurice Elias and Marvin Berkowitz is designed to help educators build and sustain schools [...]

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Assistive Technology Guide, Newly Revised and Updated Guide, Now Available

By popular demand, we have updated and revised the top-selling laminated guide, Assistive Technology: What Every Educator Needs to Know, by Brian Friedlander.  The new edition is now in stock and available for immediate delivery.This six-page reference guide is designed to help educators better understand the value of assistive technology (AT) in increasing all students’ access to the general [...]

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PBIS - Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions: New Laminated Guide Now Available!

The new laminated guide PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, by Christine Ditrano, is now in stock and available for purchase and immediate delivery.This six-page, quick-reference tool is an indispensable resource for both teachers and school administrators. It provides a succinct overview of PBIS and provides guidance on how to implement it both schoolwide and within the [...]

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"Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Seven Steps of Support"- New Laminated Guide Now Available!

The new quick-reference laminated guide, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Seven Steps of Support, by Padmaja Sarathy, is now in stock and ready for shipping! This six-page resource identifies seven essential steps of support for anyone working/interacting with children with ASD (teachers, support staff, and parents), and describes evidence-based supportive interventions and strategies that can be put in place [...]

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