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Starabella: New Adventures and Mixed Emotions

Title 2:
(Book 2)
Sharon, Tara, and Dana Fialco
Picture Book and CD
Running Time:
33 minutes
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Price: $15.00
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About the Starabella Series, a series of 3 fully narrated picture books with MUSIC for children ages 2-8:

Children fall in love with Starabella, little girl with learning differences who expresses her thoughts and feelings through music. They visit Starabella in her home, community and school. They help her classmates–children of diverse races, religions, abilities, challenges, attitudes and dreams–make friendly social choices using a “magical mirror.” They share in wonder as Starabella magically transforms into a kindergarten rock star! She leads children to a BRIGHT NEW WORLD where they play and get along and are accepted for exactly who they are.

The Starbella audio picture books teach children social and emotional awareness and skills, reinforced through beautiful music and art

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Control
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision Making

About Book 2:
Children come along with Starabella as she ventures into the community with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oclaif. She has a wonderful time but runs into difficulty meeting expectations for appropriate behaviors, conformity and following the rules. This causes her to have a “Mixture of Feelings.”

Starabella attends her very first circus. Children reading and listening to this story and the music while viewing the vibrant, colorful illustrations of the circus, are riveted when the ringmaster introduces that “the most dazzling show i-n-n-n our galaxy!” is about to beginLike ‘Starry,’ they imagine they are trapeze artists soaring above a cheering crowd to Starabella’s musical interpretation called, “The Exciting Circus.” They laugh aloud with her as she makes up funny music complete with outrageous sound effects to her song, “The Clown.”

Starabella has a “starific-terrific” time at the circus but experiences sensory overload due to the loud music and bright lights. She tantrums causing people around her in the audience to whisper “Shhh!” and scowl angrily at Starabella, Mommy and Daddy. Mr. and Mrs. Oclaif are confused – do they stay, or do they leave?

Returning home, to make sense of her jumbled up emotions, Starabella turns to her beloved piano and plays “A Mixture of Feelings,” music that expresses her feelings one at a time—from happy—to dreamy—to scared—to sad—then back to happy again. Children listening identify and get in touch with their own emotions by listening to her expressive music.

Starabella is not one to be discouraged for long. Just look at her in acrobatics class! Inspired by the determination, abilities, and bravery of the circus performers, ‘Starry,’ disregarding safety rules, strives to turn one of her DREAMS into REALITY. Will she do it?

As confused as the Oclaif family can sometimes be, Mr. and Mrs. Oclaif are absolutely sure of one thing: NOTHING MAKES THEM PROUDER THAN BEING STARABELLA’S MOMMY AND DADDY.

This story tells of a child’s experiences and feelings growing up with learning differences and her struggle to understand and conform to the world around her and, ultimately, have that world enter hers to discover empathy and understanding together. Starabella tells that story beautifully through inspired and inspirational music—a style all her own. She strives with her music to give people courage to reach for their dreams.


Each book of the Starabella Series contains an illustrated picture book with a fully narrated audio CD complete with music, sound effects and page-turn instructions. An audio CD is enclosed inside the front cover of each book. The illustrated pages include excerpts taken from the audio narration to help listeners follow along with the story. The combined audio and visual presentation of the story enhances comprehension.

When children listen to the stories with a caring adult, the CD can be paused at various points to provide opportunities for discussion of feelings and ideas prompted by the story.

Since the story is narrated, children also have the option to listen to the story on their own.

Children can use the illustrations with excerpts as a guide to retell the story in their own words when not listening to the CD.


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