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The Power of 2 (2nd ed.)

The Forum on Education w/ Marilyn Friend, PhD
Running Time:
107 minutes
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In recent years changes to the education landscape in the United States have made co-teaching more relevant and popular than ever before. From federal education laws that raise academic standards, to professional accountability for student outcomes, to mandated access to the curriculum for all students, co-teaching is an approach that can help schools meet today’s requirements and standards, and help all students succeed.

This second edition of the training video The Power of 2 provides a comprehensive look at co-teaching as part of the foundation of an inclusive and collaborative school.  The two-disk program features clear and detailed demonstrations of six co-teaching arrangements that make up the heart of the program. Educators with significant co-teaching experience share their experience and advice on making co-teaching work for districts, teachers and students.

The Power of 2 is an invaluable training resource for educators-- from first-year teachers to those with extensive experience, and from elementary to high school teachers/administrators—that shows them how to collaborate effectively and utilize their knowledge and skills in order to help their students maximize their potential.

The set includes:

  • Introduction to 2nd Edition of The Power of 2!
  • Disc 1 - Program Sections: (running time approx. 62 minutes)
    • Co-Teaching Defined 
    • Essential Components of Co-teaching 5-Part Framework
    • Shared Systems of Beliefs 
    • Prerequisite Skills
    • Collaborative 
    • Classroom Practice
    • Administrative Roles and Perspective
    • Marilyn's Wrap 
  • Disc 2 - Bonus Material Sections: (running time approx. 107 mins)
    • More On Co-Teaching Approaches
    • Elementary and Middle School Teacher Rountables
    • High School Teacher Rountable 
    • Administrator Interview
    • Drs. Friend & Burrello Reflect
    • Introducing Andrew
  • A viewing guide in a print-friendly PDF file is also included.

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