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1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism

Title 2:
Spectrum Disorders (2nd ed.)
Ellen Notbohm & Veronica Zysk
7" x 9"
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In this significantly revised and expanded second edition of 1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism, parents and teachers will find an invaluable array of tips and tools for helping children of all ages, at all different points on the autism spectrum, overcome common challenges, develop critical skills, and generally function more successfully and independently. Moreover, readers will understand the rationale for using the different strategies presented in the book, why they work, and when to use which ones.

This hugely popular book is written by a unique pair: Ellen Notbohm, a professional expert on autism and prominent voice in the field, and Veronica Zysk, a different kind of expert—a mother of a child with autism. Together, they developed this extensive list of over 1000 research-based and parent-tested ideas for helping children with autism. The easy-to-implement strategies are based on a framework that prioritizes sensory therapy and communication therapy. A third cornerstone of their framework is unconditional love and acceptance of the child with autism.

The book is efficiently organized to make it easy for parents or teachers to find just the right intervention for the right occasion. Among the offerings are

  • Hundreds of sensory integration activities
  • Activities for building communication and language skills, with an emphasis on using visual schedules
  • Strategies such as collaborative discipline, consequential learning, redirect, and contracts, for shaping behavior, as well ways to ensure the safety of children who exhibit hostile or aggressive behavior, self-harm, or wandering
  • Tips for addressing issues of daily living, from ways to support a child experiencing emotional difficulties like separation anxiety, to assistive technology for navigating physical challenges such as eating, writing, etc.
  • Guidance for parents on working with schools, e.g., being an effective advocate, building a strong partnership with school staff, understanding the IEP
  • Ways teachers can create successful inclusive classrooms, work with paraeducators, and involve parents

With a forward by Temple Grandin, this book reflects the authors’ unique understanding of and insight into autism, making it a trusted source for sound advice upon which every parent and teacher of children with autism can depend.   

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