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7 Effective Strategies for Secondary Inclusion

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65 minutes
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Inclusion of students with disabilities in general education settings is a challenge at any grade level, but with the enactment of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the 2004 reauthorization of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), including students with special needs in the general classroom is no longer an option-- it's the law. And it school must know ways to successfully take on this challenging responsibility.

7 Effective Strategies for Secondary Inclusion is an exciting and practical video that gives educators a look inside middle school and high school classrooms that are successfully including students with special needs.

As viewers observe inclusion in action, acclaimed presenter and inclusion specialist, Dr. Lisa Dieker provides expert insight and helpful commentary, identifying the unique characteristics that contribute to successful school inclusion at the secondary level.

Within the course of this 30-minute video, viewers will observe and better understand 

  • Co-teaching in inclusive classrooms: How interdisciplinary teaching teams address issues such as instruction, curriculum design, and student assessment/grading
  • Standards in inclusive classrooms: How secondary schools are using the concept of universal design to make instruction accessible to all students while also meeting state and local education standards
  • Environment: How the learning environment of inclusive classrooms impacts student achievement
  • Cooperation: How school administrators, teachers, families and students work together in inclusive schools to produce successful outcomes

In addition, Dr. Dieker describes and demonstrates strategies for successful secondary inclusion that educators can utilize to meet the needs of students with disabilities in inclusive secondary classrooms. 

Dr. Dieker builds on the content presented in this video the book Demystifying Secondary Inclusion, which focuses on school-wide as well as classroom-based approaches to implementing inclusion in secondary schools. 

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7 Effective Strategies for Secondary Inclusion Video Preview (03:40)
Inclusion of students with disabilities at all levels is a challenge, one that has been intensified by the mandates of NCLB and the reauthorized IDEA. This video features Dr. Lisa Dieker, Associate Professor, author and nationally acclaimed teacher trainer, whose work over the last 15 years has focused on two aspects of inclusion of secondary students with middle to moderate disabilities. For more information, see
  • 7 Effective St...
    Inclusion of students with disabilities at all levels is a cha...

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