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ABC Foundations for Young Children: A Classroom Curriculum

Marilyn Jager Adams
8.5" x 11"
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Young children's knowledge of letter names and sounds is the best predictor of their reading and spelling progress in school—but studies show that many children still struggle with alphabet knowledge at the end of first grade. Now there's a fun and affordable way to answer the call for effective alphabet instruction, without changing your whole curriculum or investing in expensive teaching materials and training.

Developed by renowned reading expert Marilyn Jager Adams, this playful, highly engaging curriculum supplement is a must for teachers of preschool through kindergarten, as well as primary grade teachers of students who still need help with alphabetic basics. You'll get 56 activity-based lessons that help children recognize and write each letter in both upper- and lowercase forms and know the primary sound each letter represents.

Highlights of ABC Foundations in Young Children:

  • Aligned with Common Core State Standards
  • Reflects the latest research on how kids learn best
  • Complements any curriculum in early literacy
  • Built around fun, fast , hands-on, minds-on activities that keep all children engaged
  • Provides full lesson support for teachers—no extra training required
  • Includes assessments for monitoring children's progress and needs
  • Gives you adaptations for children who are ahead or behind pace
  • Includes lesson support materials such as Alphabet Game Cards, Alphabet Strips, Letter Writing Activity Sheets
  • Requires no expensive materials or technologies
  • Ideal companion to Phonemic Awareness for Young Children

Enhance your early literacy instruction with this fun and effective curriculum supplement, and give children a solid foundation of alphabet knowledge they'll build on for years as they become confident readers and writers.

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