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Absurdities and Realities of Special Education:

Title 2:
The Best of Ants..., Flying..., and Logs
Michael F. Giangreco & Kevin Ruelle
Pages :
8.3" x 10.6"
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Absurdities & Realities of Special Education: The Best of Ants... Flying... and Logs offers a humorous look at the field of special education. The 100 full-color cartoons included in this "best of" collection illustrate and provide visual commentary on what special education professionals do. Giangrecco writes from the perspective of an eduacator who has extensive first-hand experince navigating the absurdities and realities of special education, from which he recognized the need to provide a lighthearted-yet-compassionate perspective and inject some stress-relieving levity into issues faced by those in the field of special education  on a daily basis. 

Countless schools and professional organizations have incorporated the cartoons in trainings and other professional presenatations; they have also been used in advocacay initiatives and informally to stimulate and inspire teachers and parents of children in special education. The laugh-out-loud illustrations help defuse tension and encourage better educational practices by highlighting various absurdities and realities of current practices. Educators are thus inspired to think about things differently and find creative ways to improve their own practice.

Though funny and irreverent, the cartoons address serious issues, including:

  • The undervaluing of individuals with disabilities in today’s society;
  • The skewed resources spent on the process of labeling and sorting people with special needs;
  • The need for greater focus on and progress toward inclusive education;
  • The critical partnership between school staff and families of children in special education.

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