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ADHD Diagnosis & Management: A Practical Guide

Title 2 :
for the Clinic & the Classroom
Mark Wolraich & George DuPaul
9" x 6"
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In order to ensure school success for a student with ADHD, parents, teachers, and medical professionals all need to work together.

ADHD Diagnosis and Management: A Practical Guide for the Clinic & the Classroom is the only book professionals will need to offer this kind of coordinated treatment for elementary and middle school students with ADHD.

Authors Mark Wolraich, MD and George DuPaul have combined their vast experiences in pediatric medicine, psychology and research to produce this highly readable resource that provides essential help for managing every stage of ADHD for students in grades 1-8.

This highly-accessible book offers useful advice for: 

  • Accurately screening for ADHD and accompanying disorders, such as learning disabilities
  • Collaborating with parents, therapists and other school staff to ensure an accurate diagnosis of ADHD
  • Using the most effective interventions for ADHD, including pharmaceutical and behavioral interventions
  • Developing successful classroom-based strategies that combine input from teachers, parents, peers, and the child
  • Making parents partners in the process of treating and educating their child
  • Managing functional difficulties of ADHD, including peer and adult relationships

Chapters in this well-researched book include:

  • History of ADHD
  • Prevalence
  • Diagnosis
  • Functional Impairments
  • Treatment Strategies
  • School Procedures and Interventions
  • Future Directions

 ADHD Diagnosis and Management is the only book clinicians and educators will need to coordinate the education and medical care of a student with ADHD.

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