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Adolescence, Risk and Resilience: Against the Odds

John Coleman & Ann Hagell, Eds.
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Adolescence is a pivotal time in a young person’s life.  It’s also a time of great risk.

In Adolescence, Risk and Resilience: Against the Odds, editors John Coleman and Ann Hagell compile the writings and research of leading experts to support the premise that adolescence is a time that should be approached and framed positively. The book gives teachers and school counselors a better understanding of the emotional, physical and psychological complexities of at-risk and resilient youth, and the characteristics and behaviors of each, and helps educators create a more positive learning environment to support these students' learning and development.

This highly readable book explores the concept of risk and resilience as the authors explore four ways to define the term “at-risk:”

  • Risk factors,
  • Risk behaviors,
  • Young people at risk,
  • Young people who pose a risk to society

Through well-researched and thought-out chapters, the authors show how teens may overcome the adversity of adolescence and show resilience in facing difficulties common to the teen years by making positive adjustments in their lives.

Some of the many easy-to-implemente strategies presented in this book include:

  •  Assessing and identifying underlying problems,
  •  Personalizing schools,
  •  Paying close attention to troubles specific to teenage girls,
  •  Offering a variety of extra-curricular activities,
  •  Enhancing academic achievement,
  •  Setting expectations for student success,
  •  Emphasizing service learning programs,
  •  Modeling respectful behavior,
  •  Increasing parental involvement,
  •  Developing community relationships

School counselors, school psychologists/mental health professionals, and anyone who works with adolescents will find the up-to-date research presented in this book invaluable.

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