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Assess for Success: A Practitioner's Handbook on Transition Assessment

Title 2:
(2nd ed.)
Patricia L. Sitlington, Debra A. Neubert, Wynne H, Begun, Richard C. Lombard & Pamela J. Leconte
7" x 10"
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Transition assessment is an individualized, ongoing process that helps students with disabilities and their families define appropriate goals for a student's transition to adult life. This handbook is designed to be used by everyone on the IEP team (student, family, general and special educators, and others) in assisting any student, regardless of disability, to determine goals for transitioning into adult life, including postsecondary education and employment choices.

The assessment process described in this second edition of Assess for Success: A Practitioner's Handbook on Transition Assessment builds upon a variety of information emphasizing the use of transition assessment techniques and community-based settings to gather the information needed for successful transition planning.

The authors address:

  • Career development
  • The role of self-determination
  • Using assessment outcomes in IEP development
  • The roles of team members and other participants
  • Methods of gathering information
  • Matching students to environments

Appendices provide a variety of forms and other materials useful in the assessment process.

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