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Building Comprehension in Adolescents:

Title 2:
Powerful Strategies for Improving Reading and Writing in Content Areas
Linda H. Mason, Robert Reid & Jessica Hagaman
8.5" x 11"
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With nearly a quarter of middle and high school students unable to read and comprehend grade-level textbooks, improving students’ reading comprehension is a critical and urgent priority. Building Comprehension in Adolescents: Powerful Strategies for Improving Reading and Writing in Content Areas is a practical guidebook for middle school and high school teachers that details effective strategies for improving students’ reading comprehension and written expression. Without these fundamental literacy skills, students in middle and high school will be unable to master academic content across subject areas.

Building Comprehension in Adolescents uses the evidence-based approach of Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) to build reading and writing skills. SRSD is an excellent instructional approach to use with middle and high school students as it shows students how to apply proven strategies independently.

 The book, by Linda H. Mason, Robert Reid, and Jessica L. Hagaman, includes specific strategies to help students improve the following critical skills:

  • Story writing
  • Biography
  • Essay writing
  • Paragraph structure
  • Summarizing content
  • Quick writing
  • Classroom preparation
  • Homework completion
  • Note organization
  • Goal setting
  • Sustaining attention

Building Comprehension in Adolescents also includes full lesson plans as well as reproducible worksheets and other instructional materials, including self-monitoring checklists, goal charts, self-instruction sheets, and graphic organizers. These materials make it easy for teachers to implement lessons that will help students develop and strengthen literacy skills that are the foundation of academic success.   

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