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Building Culturally Responsive Classrooms:

Title 2:
A Guide for Instructional Leaders
Concha Delgado Gaitan
7" x 10"
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In order for schools to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to learn and succeed, classrooms must be designed as cultural environments in which students from diverse backgrounds can find relevant connections to subject matter and the tasks they are asked to perform. Culturally responsive teaching calls for acknowledging the presence of culturally and linguistically diverse students in the classroom and teaching students the importance and value of other cultural groups. 

In Building Culturally Responsive Classrooms, Concha Delgado Gaitan, a former teacher, school administrator and ethnographic researcher, explores the complex and nuanced issue of culture in our schools, and offers tangible suggestions of what teachers, students, their families and other educators can do to create equitable learning settings in which all students can learn. Components of culture that matter most in creating effective learning settings include everything from systems of languages, core values, and behaviors to perceptions and meanings attributed to any given event. Unlike books that consider culture only in terms of ethnic groups, Building Culturally Responsive Classrooms considers many different populations, including students with at-risk behavior, learning disabilities, English language learners, and gifted and talented students.

The book is divided into two parts: the context and the content of the learning setting. Each chapter includes the following components:

  • Discussion of topic
  • Notice question
  • Case Example 
  • Observations
  • Comments

The book features a fascinating compilation of interviews with many different teachers reflecting on the issues that influence them in the course of teaching students whose cultural perspectives and experiences differ from their own. 

Chapters include:

  • Engaging With Children’s Values Around Cooperation and Competition
  • Culturally Responsive Classroom Discipline
  • Accelerating Exceptional Students
  • Including Students with Special Needs
  • Culturally Responsible Classroom Management
  • Supporting Children's Cultural Adjustment
  • Connecting Home and School
  • Teaching Cultural Diversity
  • Becoming Proficient in English
  • Building Literacy
  • Creating Equity in Math and Science
  • Fostering Gender Equity
  • Crafting an Interdisciplinary Curriculum
  • Responding Culturally in Teaching

This valuable resource also includes practical, ready-to-use strategies for teaching subject matter through culture, including teaching strategies for building literacy, becoming proficient in English, and creating equity in math and science.

An important, one-of-a-kind resource, Building Culturally Responsive Classrooms will help educators understand how culture affects learning and how, by honoring real culture, they can transform the context and content within their classrooms, create learning settings that challenge students academically, and give all students an equal opportunity to learn.

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