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Celebrating Diversity: A Universal Message from 'The Real Rain Man'

NPR, Inc., Feat. Kim & Fran Peek
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27 minutes
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Celebrating Diversity: A Universal Message from The Real Rain Man is a powerful teaching and learning tool for general and special educators, parents, and students committed to creating more inclusive and tolerant school and community environments. The video introduces viewers to Kim Peek, the extraordinary mega-savant who was the inspiration for the character portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the movie Rain Man. In the years following the smashing success of the film, Kim traveled around the country and around the world with his father, Fran, carrying a message of accepting individual differences, recognizing that everyone is talented and special and different ways, and treating one another with respect. 

Filmed in 2007, the video features clips of Kim speaking to school audiences, interacting with students, parents, and staff, and demonstrating his astonishing gifts. Kim, who sadly passed away in 2009, was born with a unique brain structure and had a photographic memory that allowed him to instantly recall limitless information he had acquired through rapidly scanning countless books, newspapers and encyclopedias. Brain specialists used the term "mega-savant" in referring to Kim because, unlike other savants, Kim was a genius in about 15 different subjects, from history and literature and geography to numbers, sports, music and dates. However he was also is severely limited in other ways, from social emotional skills to not being able to find the silverware drawer at home or dressing himself. The extremes of his genius and limitations, and the inspiring and heartwarming nature of his character, made Kim an ideal emissary for those with special needs.

This video is ideal for use with students in grades 5-12 as part of a character education unit. Through Kim's life story, students will learn about accepting differences in others, developing tolerance, and appreciating diversity. 

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Celebrating Diversity - A Universal Message from the Real Rain Man Preview (02:27)
Recipient of a 2007 Telly Award!Many have seen the academy award winning movie "Rain Man," but how many know of the man the character of Raymond Babbit was based upon?See the "Real Rain Man," Kim Peek, as he demonstrates his abilities as a mega-savant, and offers a universal message of acceptance and inclusion for all diverse peoples.For more information, see http://www.nprinc.com/spec_edu/dcdi.htm
  • Celebrating Di...
    Recipient of a 2007 Telly Award!Many have seen the academy awa...

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