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Character Education: Restoring Respect and Responsibility

Title 2:
in Our Schools
Running Time:
44 minutes
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In this 44-minute video, Dr. Thomas Lickona, one of the earliest and most respected voices in the character education movement, makes an insightful and compelling argument for the role of schools in promoting the development of positive character traits, such as respect, responsibility, and morality, in students. in Character Education: Restoring Respect and Responsibility, Dr. Lickona presents a comprehensive, schoolwide model for implementing character education, as well as specific strategies for inclusive classrooms.

The production takes viewers inside several classrooms where they will see effective character education initiatives in action and observe characteristic features of successful programs, such as effective leadership, community-based identification of core virtues, long-range planning, integration of activities related to character development into the daily life of the school, and the involvement of parents and families.

A classic video that gets to the core of character education. 

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Character Education Restoring Respect and Responsibility in Our Schools Preview (03:45)
This video from National Professional Resources features Dr. Thomas Lickona, developmental psychologist and professor of education, an expert in the field of character education.The full video provides a brief overview of character development for educational settings and life in general, and provides real-world examples and insight into how schools are developing good character traits in their students.For more information, see http://www.nprinc.com/char_ed/vced.htm
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    This video from National Professional Resources features Dr. T...

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