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Collaborative Coaching: Coach's Guide

8.5" x 11"
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Susan Villani and Kathy Dunne have worked with schools across the country to develop mentor programs in which experienced teachers act as collaborative coaches to new teachers. Their student-focused, non-judgmental approach yields tangible benefits for both the new teacher and the coach, promotes a culture of collaboration among faculty, and facilitates school-wide improvement. In this six-page, tri-fold laminated guide, Villani and Dunne outline the coaching process, identifying the role of the coach and presenting key components of effective collaborative coaching.

Effective communication is essential to a productive coaching relationship. The guide identifies strategies the coach can use to facilitate productive communication, including

  • Planning conversations,
  • Reflecting back to his/her partner,
  • Posing effective questions,
  • Gathering data. 

The goal of establishing and practicing effective communication is to develop skills that become norms of behavior and are used consistently in any circumstance. These include pausing, paraphrasing, probing, and paying attention to self and others.

Collaborative Coaching: Coach's Guide outlines the continuum of coaching behaviors, including

  • A non-directive approach, where the coach listens and affirms 
  • A collaborative approach, where the coach adds to the partner's list of possibilities and helps create new options
  • A directive approach, where the coach gives advice or answers. 

This compact yet comprehensive guide is an essential resource for experienced teachers who are or will be coaching new teachers. A companion guide, Collaborative Coaching: Coaching Partner's Guide, is also available to help new teachers make the most of the coaching experience.

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