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National Professional Resources is committed to supporting the next generation of educators as they study and train for careers in education/special education. Many of the diverse resources published/produced by National Professional Resources are ideally suited for use in the college/university classroom and to assist students in graduate and undergraduate education courses.

LAMINATED REFERENCE GUIDES: We currently have over 160 titles in our quick-reference laminated guide catalog This best-selling product line provides quick and easy access to important information along with practical tips, strategies and guidance on a full range of topics. These easy-to-use, accessible guides are popular in-service tools, and are also excellent review/study tools for students in college/university courses. 

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To view our entire inventory of proprietary products, see the Products by NPR Inc page

BOOKS: Our full-length publications offer clear and comprehensive explanations of theories and approaches used in today’s classrooms, along with step-by-step practical guidance for implementation, from planning and preparing (with included forms and worksheets) to student- and self-assessment (including sample assessment tools, self-assessment surveys). Topics include,

  • Lesson planning for diverse classrooms
  • Inclusive classrooms and schools
  • Response To Intervention (RTI) and differentiated instruction
  • Social-emotional learning/ character development
  • Educating ELLs
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Bullying prevention/response
  • Collaborative teaming/ co-teaching
  • Classroom management/discipline
  • Many more

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VIDEOS: Videos such as Optimizing Intelligences and Emotional Intelligence allow viewers to hear directly from the experts who developed the paradigm-changing theories, including Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence: A New Vision for Educators), Howard Gardner (How Are Kids Smart), Peter Salovey (Optimizing Intelligences), Thomas Lickona (Character Education), Thomas Armstrong (Multiple Intelligences: Discovering the Giftedness in ALL), Eric Jensen (Practical Applications of Brain-Based Learning).

Produced at the time when these theories were not yet a part of the educational lexicon, these videos and the theories that they explain, and the practical application of theory that they demonstrate, make them timeless classics that every student training for a career in education should see. In addition to DVD, many of our videos are also available streaming, through Films Media Group (FMG). See the video's product page for details. (Look for streaming information and link at the bottom of the description.)

Our videos also include several titles on essential teaching/learning approaches, from RTI, to inclusion, to service learning, to assistive technology, to differentiating instruction, co-teaching, and more. These are hosted by/feature leading experts in the field, and in most cases take viewers inside actual classrooms to observe first-hand the implementation of these various approaches.

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College/University professors may request exam/review copies of any our proprietary products, viewable through the links above, by submitting the this downloadable form to Subject to the following conditions:

  • Maximum of three titles per instructor per year.
  • One copy per title.
  • Delivery to campus address only.
  • All fields in the request form must be completed for request to be processed.


About National Professional Resources, Inc.

National Professional Resources (NPR, Inc.) has been a leader in the field of education publishing since 1968. Founded and operated by educators with a deep commitment to the success of all learners, our mission is to provide teachers, administrators, and other school staff with quality tools and resources that will better enable them to help every student achieve success. Our signature product is our quick-reference laminated guides—the original laminated guides for educators. Written by some of the most respected leaders in the field, with over 150 titles available, these professional development guides cover current topics and critical issues in education, including inclusion, co-teaching, autism, learning disabilities, social-emotional learning, positive behavior supports, mental health, differentiated instruction, assessment, English learners, differentiated instruction, and more.

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