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Coming Out: What Every Teen (Gay and Straight) Needs to Know

Human Relations Media
Teacher Resource Book, Student Handouts
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23 minutes
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Ask LGBT teenagers or adults when they first knew they were lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and most will answer that they always knew. Yet the fear of not being accepted and of being ostracized or bullied leads many children and young adults to stay in the closet for years. Oftentimes, hiding one’s sexuality in this way leads to a sense of shame and anxiety that can manifest in a variety of ways, from depression and isolation to at-risk behavior. In the DVD Coming Out: What Every Teen (Gay and Straight) Needs to Know, LGBT students throughout the country talk candidly about their experiences coming out at school while experts in psychology and human sexuality provide informed commentary on the topic.

The LGBT students featured in the film honestly share their painful and all-too-common experiences of homophobic bullying and sexual harassment, personalizing the issue for gay and straight students alike. They also provide inspiring personal accounts of confronting and overcoming these challenges and indignities, demonstrating extraordinary courage and providing a credible sense of hope and optimism. Gay students will also find acceptance and encouragement in the interviews with straight peer allies and supportive teachers that are presented in the film.

Accompanying the video is an array of material for classroom use, including group exercises, fact sheets, print and online resource recommendations, and a guide to establishing gay-straight alliances at one’s school.

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www.HRMvideo.comThis sensitive, informative video offers revealing portraits of real LGBT kids who have come out in schools across the country, as well as their straight allies and their teachers who have dealt with this issue. The program focuses on the psychological and legal issues of bullying and sexual harassment and stresses the importance of creating a safe, tolerant environment for all students, regardless of one's own personal beliefs or feelings.
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    www.HRMvideo.comThis sensitive, informative video offers revea...

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