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Creating the Opportunity to Learn:

Title 2:
Moving From Research to Practice to Close the Achievement Gap
A. Wade Boykin & Pedro Noguera (an ASCD publication)
6" x 9"
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Cultivate talent and ability in all children, no matter their cultural background.

Creating the Opportunity to Learn: Moving From Research to Practice to Close the Achievement Gap outlines a strategy for educators to close the achievement gap between white and African American and Latino students, and in so doing tap into a huge reservoir of talent that has largely been underserved.

Authors A. Wade Boykin and Pedro Noquera address variety of critical topics that often go undiscussed in this important book, including differences in how children of different backgrounds learn best, and how teacher perceptions of culturally diverse students affect their teaching and student learning.  

The book is divided into three overlapping parts:

  • Components of the achievement gap
  • Research that supports best practices
  • Practical applications of that research

The authors shine a light on faulty beliefs and practices that have historically not helped to close the achievement gap. They encourage educators to abandon models that don't work in favor of models that have proven to be effective. To this end, the book draws from research and examples from schools that have managed to close the achievement gap to identify what does work. Readers will not only learn effective instructional strategies, but will also understand why certain strategies work and others do not when it comes to helping students from diverse ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds achieve academic success.

Educators have an obligation to make sure all students have a fair opportunity to succeed. Creating the Opportunity to Learn: Moving From Research to Practice to Close the Achievement Gap is an excellent resource that will help principals, school leaders, and educators in training meet that obligation. 

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