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Credit Recovery : Re-Engaging Students to Graduate

The Forum on Education
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42 minutes
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The lives of students who drop out of high school or fail to graduate with their class tend follow a common trajectory: they rarely go to college, have a greater chance of being unemployed than their peers who graduated high school and went on to college, have a below-average income, and struggle in myriad ways throughout their lives.

By the time students identified as being at-risk of dropping out reach high school, the students themselves—and even teachers and school staff—oftentimes think it’s too late to turn things around. They give up, and by so doing complete a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The Credit Recovery Lab, a groundbreaking intervention program for students at risk of dropping out before graduating, is proof positive that even high school students with severe academic, social, emotional, or other problems can indeed change course and get on a path to post-school success.

The DVD Credit Recovery: Re-Engaging Students to Graduate profiles the Credit Recovery Lab at Crown Point High School in Northwest Indiana, presenting it as a model for school administrators to learn from and emulate. In particular, this DVD is recommended for school principals, technology directors, directors of special education, curriculum directors and high school counselors.

Viewers will see the Credit Recovery Lab in action and will hear from CRL director Jonathan Haas about the program’s philosophy and student referral and orientation process. The video examines the features of the program that make it a success, from the technology-driven virtual curriculum covering five subject areas, to targeted interventions, data collection, student monitoring and counseling.

The 42-minute DVD is hosted by Dr. Leonard Burrello, executive director of the Forum on Education at Indiana University, where he is professor emeritus.

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