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Developing a Learning Classroom: Moving Beyond Management

Title 2:
Through Relationships, Relevance, and Rigor
Nic Cooper, Betty K. Garner
10" x 7"
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Most teachers exert tremendous effort in an attempt to maintain a well-managed classroom. For good reason: students do not learn effectively or efficiently in unruly or chaotic environments.  Yet in an attempt to manage their classrooms, many teachers end up striving for control, which is achieved through cultivating an environment of fear. Students in such a class may behave according to the rules, leaving the teacher feeling satisfied that he or she has mastered classroom management, however a classroom that is managed through strict control and fear often stifles, rather than promotes, learning.

In Developing a Learning Classroom, authors Nic Cooper and Betty K. Garner explain why teachers should and how they can move beyond control/fear-based classroom management to develop an effective learning environment. The authors describe the characteristics of a thriving, creative, classroom environment that promotes learning, and the three key elements teachers need to focus on to establish such an environment in their classrooms: relationships, relevance, and rigor.

The book will help teachers transform their classrooms into effective learning environments by

  • Developing an interactive learning mindset
  • Creating a safe environment where students question, explore, and discover
  • Uncovering a student's learning profile as well as their own teaching style
  • Use student input to create classroom practices and procedures
  • Apply brain-based instructional strategies to keep students engaged
  • Use student surveys and a personal education plan to improve learning environments

Classroom stories, starter worksheets, and detailed action steps are included to motivate teachers and prepare them to quickly and easily start making positive changes in the classroom that will benefit teacher and students alike. 

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