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Differentiated Instruction Practice Series

Title 2:
(includes "A Focus on Inclusion" & "A Focus on the Gifted")
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2-Disk Set & Viewers Guide
Running Time:
50 minutes each
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Differentiated Instructional Practice Series is a set of two professional development DVDs designed to help educators best meet the need of diverse students in today's classrooms. Hosts Helene Hanson and Constance Iervolino examine the core components of differentiation that govern all quality instruction, which include

  • Curriculum content
  • Instructional processes
  • Informed decision making
  • On-going assessment
  • Student product evaluation

The series explores the changes in educational paradigms, and presents specific ways in which differentiated instruction responds to the current challenges that are presented by diverse learners in today’s classrooms. Also incorporated is research—past and present—such as:

  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Principles of Learning
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Brain Compatible Learning
  • Curriculum scaffolding
  • Environmental Organization

Each DVD focuses on a particular population of students for whom differentiation is imperative in the inclusive classroom: special education students (Disc 1: A Focus on Inclusion), and gifted/high achieving students (Disk 2: A Foucs on the Gifted). The videos take viewers inside real K-12 classrooms to highlight proven differentiation practices and show what effective differentation looks like and how they can implement it in their own classrooms, and/or train others to implement it in theirs. 

Accompanying each DVD is a Viewer’s Guide that provides

  • The rationale for differentiation
  • The framework for practice
  • Materials for developing lessons and/or training
  • Other supporting resources

This series will help eduators customize their instructional practices to ensure that all students can be successful.

Each disk is also available for individual purchase. Choose your selection from the pulldown menu, above.

For streaming and other digital leasing and purchase options for Differentiated Instruction Practice Series: A Focus on Inclusion, click here.

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Differentiated Instructional Practice Preview Video (03:07)
This video is a preview for Differentiated Instructional Practice Series (DIPS) by National Professional Resources, Inc. The full videos show why differentiated instruction is a useful framework for classroom instruction, how to differentiate in classroom settings, and shows real-world examples of differentaited instruction.For more information, see http://www.nprinc.com/diff/vdif3.htm
  • Differentiated...
    This video is a preview for Differentiated Instructional Pract...

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