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Differentiated Science Inquiry

Douglas Llewellyn
8.5" x 11"
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Take inquiry-based teaching to a whole new level!

Differentiated Science Inquiry, by Douglas Llewellyn, is an invaluable resource designed for elementary, middle and high school teachers who want to deepen their awareness of the various approaches to science inquiry.   This cutting- edge book is grounded the latest research-based teaching methods to give teachers of grades 3-12 the tools they need to adapt and implement a wide variety of methodologies geared to meeting the diverse instructional needs of their students.

Science teachers will learn how to use their students’ range of abilities and learning styles to differentiate instruction with hands-on activities, especially those that are “inquiry based.” This book also suggests times when it is appropriate for the teacher to choose the instructional strategy, and other times when the students are given a choice in the way they learn best.   Numerous examples in the areas of life, earth, and physical science make lesson planning easy.

Differentiated Science Inquiry is divided into two parts:

  • The Meaning of Inquiry
  • The Mechanics of Inquiry

The first part includes a rationale for using inquiry-based instruction, and offers teaching strategies for differentiating instruction, including scaffolding, tiered assignments, and flexible groupings. It also highlights current research showing that providing choice enhances motivation and eventually leads to self-directed learning and increased academic achievement. The second half of the book is full of examples of how to create inquiry-based lesson plans.

After reading this book, teachers will be able to readily identify when it is most appropriate to differentiate instruction, and how to transform many of their favorite conventional activities and labs into a variety of approaches to inquiry.

A must have book for any science teacher who wants to take their understanding and teaching of inquiry-based science to higher levels.

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