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Dyslexia Across Languages:

Peggy McCardle, Brett Miller, Jun Ren Lee & Ovid J.L. Tzend
9.1" x 5.9"
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What causes dyslexia, and how does it manifest across languages? As bilingualism becomes increasingly important globally, these questions have never been more critical—and this comprehensive volume from The Dyslexia Foundation explores them in unprecedented depth.

Bringing together the best brain-based, genetics, and behavioral research in the field from more than 40 of today's most highly respected researchers, this landmark volume fully examines what we know about the identification, manifestations, and potential differences in dyslexia across languages and orthographies. International contributors share their groundbreaking studies, helping researchers and graduate-level students investigate key questions about dyslexia:

  • How does dyslexia vary in frequency and manifestation among speakers of various alphabetic and nonalphabetic languages?
  • How might the characteristics of different languages affect reading acquisition and reading difficulties?
  • How do genetic profiles interact with environment to influence how reading difficulties manifest?
  • Are there unique neurobiological and/or behavioral characteristics that are universal to dyslexia?
  • How can computational and statistical modeling contribute to a better understanding of reading difficulties in children and adults?
  • In what ways might bilingualism influence reading and reading difficulties?

The editors also lay out a clear agenda for future research on reading, writing, and dyslexia across the world's languages and orthographies. These specific next steps will pave the way for more and better research and encourage stronger interdisciplinary collaborations among fields, such as cognitive science, neuroscience, genetics, and education.

Reflecting 20 years of progress in our understanding of dyslexia, this foundational volume will lay the groundwork for tomorrow's practical resources—and help ensure that all children around the world have access to the best, most effective reading instruction.

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