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ELL Literacy Interventions: Accommodations and Accelerations

Title 2:
for Reading Success DVD Series
The Master Teacher
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This series includes 4 DVDs (see ordering information below for individual videos).

One of the surest ways to facilitate the success of English language learners--both as students and later as adults--is to help them develop language and reading skills in English as well as in their native language. Many schools, however, are having trouble accommodating these students because teachers are trying to apply traditional techniques to literacy and learning that don't necessarily work well with ELL students. ELL Literacy Interventions, will give your teachers the necessary theories, strategies, and support to implement a successful literacy program for ELL students in their classrooms. Not only will your teachers glean valuable information from experts, but they will also witness experienced teachers putting these ideas into practice in their classrooms. The teachers highlighted in this series teach at Hillcrest Elementary School in Lawrence, Kansas--a school that successfully accommodates an array of culturally diverse learners representing more than 40 different languages!

Each video in this series provides valuable information about literacy and ELL students. The following are the main topics covered in each video:

Video 1 - Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction

  • The pre-literacy skills that are essential to learning a second language.
  • The common features of print in written language and how these features impact literacy development.
  • How phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, and the alphabetic principle lay the foundation for literacy development.
  • The role of phonics in literacy development with ELL students.

Video 2 - Vocabulary Development

  • The barriers to vocabulary development that ELL students must overcome.
  • Types of vocabulary and the impact these words have on the instruction of students learning English as a second language.
  • Classroom strategies for helping students develop English vocabulary.

Video 3 - Reading Fluency

  • The components that make up fluency.
  • Six Repeated Reading strategies and how to modify them to benefit ELL students.
  • The four routines that offer greater depth and support in fluency instruction with ELL students.

Video 4 - Reading Comprehension

  • Reading comprehension strategies and their impact on ELL students.
  • How background knowledge, procedural knowledge, and conceptual knowledge affect reading comprehension.
  • Comprehension strategies that should be explicitly taught to students before reading.
  • The techniques and strategies that can aid students' comprehension during reading.
  • Methods for assessing ELL students' understanding of a text after reading.

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