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End the Silence: Stop the Bullying

Cerebellum Corporation
Running Time:
27 minutes
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It happens everyday in our schools: one teen deliberately excludes another, a teen humiliates a classmate for fun, or a more powerful student physically intimidates or hurts another. This program shows teens that they are not powerless in the face of bullying when they decide to join together and end the silence. Jessie and Alyssa stand by as Kara deliberately excludes Sandra from their social activity again. This time Sandra confronts the bystanders, who begin to see how their role facilitates this malicious behavior. Tony is jealous of James’s growing friendship with Mia. He bullies James on the basketball court, in the hallways and on school grounds. Tony’s friend, Sam, is afraid that if he speaks up, Tony will turn on him, so he says nothing. Kara and Alyssa torment Jayna about her looks while other kids look on, laughing. Jessie senses how mean-spirited Kara can be so she avoids standing up to her. Jayna stops coming to school. Jessie and Sam visit the school counselor who helps them see that standing together as a group can stop a bully, and that being “against” bullying and refusing to tolerate it are two different things.

Kareem, the student body president, organizes a meeting of students who want to change their school and stop the bullying. Jessie and Sam organize a “Stop Bullying Day” lunch where pizza is free when you sit with someone new and get to know them. They also establish an anonymous reporting system for students to report any incidents they witness. The teens recognize the power they can exert, and celebrate the positive atmosphere they've created in their school.

For grades 7-12.

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