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Enhancing RTI: How to Ensure Success

Title 2:

with Effective Classroom Instruction & Intervention

Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey (ASCD Production)
9.8" x 7.9"
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Although Response To Intervention (RTI) is a necessity for all schools, the truth is that supplemental instruction can never compensate for inadequate core instruction. That’s why you need this book’s improved approach to RTI. Authors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey introduce you to a strengthened model of RTI that emphasizes formative assessment and refining core instruction rather than relying only on multiple layers of intervention. The components for this strengthened model—RTI²—consist of

  • Using core instruction that is responsive, standards-based, and data-driven.
  • Building Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions that ensure continuity and alignment among all levels of instruction.
  • Developing a three-way feedback loop that uses formative assessment results to inform the learner, establish progress benchmarks, and improve curriculum and instruction for all students.
  • Establishing a way for educators and families to work together effectively.

While guiding you through the steps of creating and implementing this improved approach, the authors address and increase your knowledge of the principles of high-quality RTI, including:

  • Which factors undermine most approaches to RTI.
  • How the intensity of supplemental instruction should increase along with group size, time, and expertise.
  • Which types of assessments are included in an effective RTI model.
  • How to analyze assessment data and ensure that it’s used to improve curriculum and instruction.

To help you implement the RTI² model, this guide includes instructional planning tools, sample improvement plans and interventions, assessment rubrics, and pacing guides.

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