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Grading From the Inside Out:

Title 2:
Bringing Accuracy to Student Assessment Through a Standards-Based Mindset (How to Give Students Full Credit for Their Knowledge)
Tom Schimmer
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The time for grading reform is now. While the transition to standards-based practices may be challenging, it is essential for effective instruction and assessment. In this practical guide, the author outlines specific steps your team can take to transform grading and reporting schoolwide. Each chapter includes examples of grading dilemmas, vignettes from teachers and administrators, and ideas for bringing parents on board with change.


  • Study the three components of the standards-based mindset that are reforming traditional grading practices. 
  • Debunk five myths about standards-based grading. 
  • Contemplate the hazards of punitive grading, and discover alternative ways to manage the issue of homework. 
  • Consider questions that will challenge traditional thoughts on grading and help clarify next steps.


  1. The Modern Assessment Paradigm 
  2. Accuracy and Confidence Our Grading True North 
  3. Five Myths of Standards-Based Grading 
  4. The Standards-Based Mindset 
  5. How to Give Students Full Credit for What They Know 
  6. How to Repurpose Homework 
  7. How to Redefine Accountability 
  8. How to Use Levels of Proficiency
  9. How to Teach and Assess Student Attributes and Competencies 
  10. How to Use Standards-Based Reporting 

Afterword How to Navigate the Road Ahead

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