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Inclusion Lesson Plan Book for the 21st Century

Spiral Bound
12.5" x 9"
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At the core of inclusive education is the belief that all students benefit when instruction is differentiated to meet a wide range of student needs and learning styles. Toby Karten’s Inclusion Lesson Plan Book for the 21st Century is a comprehensive guide that provides teachers with a treasure trove of valuable resources to guide and assist them creating truly inclusive classrooms that honor the potential of all students.

Inclusion Lesson Plan Book for the 21st Century is replete with vital information, practical tips and useful tools to help teachers in inclusive classrooms design lessons that are effective and accessible to all students. The book contains a large selection of reproducible forms and worksheets to assist with lesson planning, including

  • Weekly planning sheets that help ensure lesson plans include appropriate objectives, procedures, interventions, assessments and accountability/data options, and facilitate the selection of co-teaching/collaborative options (e.g., lessons delivered by co-teachers or other staff to the whole class, targeted smaller groups, or individual students)
  • Quarterly planning forms that encourage teachers to proactively preview yearly concepts and lessons each marking period
  • Intervention forms that allow teachers to record the effectiveness of lessons for the entire class, small groups and/or individuals

The book also presents strategies for establishing effective collaboration between general education and special education teachers as they work together to identify research-based interventions for the Individual Education Programs (IEP) of students with disabilities. RTI Data Sheets are provided to help teachers document interventions, collect data and monitor student progress.

Other features include

  • Information on classroom management structures,
  • Step-by-step instructional strategies/interventions,
  • Ideas for creative, thematic-based lessons,
  • Recommended curriculum-based assessments (CBA).
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