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Instructional Coaching: School-Based Staff Development

Title 2:
for Improved Teacher and Student Learning
Featuring Joellen Killion, Jim Knight, & Stephen Barkley
4 DVDs & 3 CDs
Running Time:
Four 50-75-minute DVDs
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Price: $675.00
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Instructional Coaching is the most powerful method for implementing professional learning and change in the classroom! Coaching brings dramatic improvement in teaching practices and student achievement for minimal cost

Whether you have, or need reading coaches, math coaches, instructional coaches, school-based staff developers, mentors, differentiation coaches, data coaches, or school achievement coaches, all will greatly benefit from the wealth of information contained in these research-based programs. Likewise, principals and other administrators can benefit from this informative training as they will learn how to help and guide the teachers that they work with.

Featuring Joellen Killion, Jim Knight, Stephen Barkley, and many successful coaches, the series contains:

  • Four extensive programs: 50-75 minutes each
  • Implementation guide
  • Audio CD Soundtracks

The value of school-based coaches has been proven to increase student achievement. All too often coaches have had very little training. The coach may have been an outstanding teacher, but has never been trained in the art of coaching. Use this professional development program to provide your coaches with all the tools they need. Each program has actual examples of real coaches, teachers, and administrators.

Program 1: Creating an Instructional Coaching Program: A District Responsibility

  • Learn the what and wh” of coaching.
  • Understand the Coaching Framework.

Program 2: Developing and Training Coaches

    • Understand the key skills necessary for a successful coach.
    • Expand those skills so the coach can be successful.

Program 3: The Coach in the School Setting

      • Learn how to support, monitor and evaluate coaches.

Program 4: Coaches in Action

      • Observe well-trained coaches through the myriad of daily activities coaches engage in.

Also included is an audio soundtrack on CD, as well as an implementation guidebook that has activities and questions for the facilitator to use while training!

Instructional Coaching: Staff Development for Improved Teacher and Student Learning preview.video.1 (02:34)
http://schoolimprovement.com/topics/leadership. Research shows that when coaching accompanies training, teachers transfer 80 to 90 percent of what they learn into the classroom, compared to only 5 to 10 percent with training alone (Joyce and Showers, 1995). Teachers of all experience levels benefit from coaching and mentoring programs, which are cost-effective ways to make a vast impact on teacher quality and student achievement.Our research-based resources guide you through each step of developing an instructional coaching or mentoring program and training coaches in their work. From our experience in thousands of districts, we passionately believe that instructional coaching is the foundational element you need to successfully implement any school improvement initiative.
  • Instructional ...
    http://schoolimprovement.com/topics/leadership. Research show...

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