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Interactions: Collaboration Skills for School Professionals

Title 2:
(7th ed.)
Marilyn D. Friend & Lynne Cook
8" x 10"
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Being a successful teacher requires more than just communicating well with children and delivering effective instruction; it also requires communicating well with other school professionals and parents—a component of the job for which teachers are often insufficiently prepared.

This new edition of the best-selling book, Interactions: Collaboration Skills for School Professionals, is an invaluable resource that will greatly enhance teacher training courses and/or staff development initiatives.

The book focuses on the five fundamental components of effective collaboration: 1.) personal commitment, 2.) communication skills, 3.) interaction processes, 4.) programs or services, and 5.) context. Content is provided in a way that is clear, accessible and—most importantly—meaningful, with case studies, vignettes, and activities that bring concepts and skills to life, elucidate real-world applications, and prepare trainees for common classroom scenarios and relationships, including

  • Working in professional teams
  • Co-teaching
  • Consulting, coaching and mentoring
  • Working with paraeducators
  • Interactions with families
  • Interagency and community collaboration
  • Managing difficult interactions

Highlights of the new edition include

  • An e-partnerships feature, which explores using technology as a tool for partnerships;
  • Examples and applications focusing on the relationship of general education teachers and related services professionals, paraprofessionals, ESL teachers, and other specialists (e.g., literacy coaches). 
  • An increased focus on interpersonal communication and integrating skills through interviews  
  • The RTI model compared to the traditional problem-solving model for collaboration.

Designed to prepare readers to swiftly put concepts and skills into practice, Interactions is a useful tool for pre-service educators and practitioners–whether they are engaged in a study group, professional learning community, formal instructional settings, or independent study.  

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