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iPad: Enhancing Learning & Communication

Title 2:
for Students with Special Needs (2nd Edition)
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The iPad by Apple is one of the most popular personal computing devices of all time. This tablet (available in several sizes) offers the best combination of features of any tablet on the market. Not only is the iPad now ubiquitous many in homes and in the workplace, but in many schools as well. The device’s ease-of-use, functionality, huge number of available apps, and multisensory design has made it a favorite of educators working with general and special education students.

If you are just getting started with the iPad, this reference guide will serve as a valuable resource for learning how to integrate this technology into classroom instruction. It will also will help you pick out some of the leading apps in the marketplace that enhance both learning and communication for students with diverse learning styles and those who have limited functional communication abilities. 

This revised, second edition (2019) identifies ways of integrating the iPad and education apps into the classroom to reach students with diverse learning styles, including those with special needs such as speech and language delay, executive function disorders, communication impairments, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, cognitive impairments, and multiple disabilities.  The authors

  • Identify some of the best apps for enhancing communication development and social skills, and offers guidance on how to use these programs with students;
  • Review the features of the iPad, including built-in accessibility settings, and recommends useful peripherals;
  • Recommend apps that will help students with diverse needs in specific topical areas, including science, reading, writing, math, and social studies/history, as well as organization;
  • Provide 20 practical classroom activities using the iPad.


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