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Magical Musical Transitions

Title 2:
Achieve Calm-Down from Melt-Down in Seconds
Padmaja Sarathy & Clara Law
Running Time:
Approx. 15 mins
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Price: $15.00
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Classroom transitions can be challenging for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their teachers. Music therapy research shows that playing songs before a transition can help prepare children for the change in activities. Magical Musical Transitions, created by autism consultant Padmaja Sarathy and music therapist Clara Law, features 12 songlets targeting typical activities in a school day – from welcome to goodbye.

Designed as a training tool for educators, teachers can use the songlets to provide guidance and directions to children musically to respond to transitions: what transition is occurring, where they are to go and what they are to do.  The delightful songs are short, use familiar melodies and use familiar key words in easy-to-understand lyrics. They are intended for use with designated activities targeting the needs of a specific student with ASD or the most challenging transition needs of the classroom.

Transform transition ‘Melt-Down’ to ‘Calm-Down’ with musical interventions. The CD is an ideal and invaluable resource for classrooms serving children ages 3-8, and in particular to assist children with ASD. 


  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome to School Today
  3. Check Your Schedule
  4. Time for Circle
  5. Choose Your Center
  6. Advance Cue and Clean Up Song
  7. Prep for Recess
  8. Advance Cue & Recess is Over Song
  9. Snack Time
  10. Lunch Time
  11. Goodbye
  12. Special Activities
  13. * Tracks 13-18 are open for teacher to customize lyrics

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