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Mining Complex Text, Grades 2-5:

Title 2:
Using and Creating Graphic Organizers to Grasp Content and Share New Understandings
Dianne Lapp, Thomas DeVere Wolsey & Karen Wood
8.5" x 11"
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Graphic organizers are a powerful tool for visually representing a students' understanding of of information and concepts. They help teachers assess students and help students understand challenging content. This comprehensive guide book for teachers of grades 2-5 provides lessons and strategies to help students make connections between graphic organizers and their thinking and learning.

Discover how to use graphic organizers to

  • support students' comprehension of text
  • promote students' oral sharing of information and ideas
  • elevate organized note-taking while listening to information and note-making while interacting with complex texts
  • acquire academic vocabulary
  • support literary text reding and writing tasks
  • support informational text, reading and writing tasks
  • to support students' reading proficiencies
  • to boost questioning and responding 
  • to foster reading, forming, and writing opinions
  • to support collaboration/project management

The books describes and provides examples of numerous types of graphic organizers, including

  • Frayer organizer
  • Concept/Definition map
  • Word map
  • Character graphic
  • Freytag's pyramid
  • text search and find board
  • 4-square with a diamond
  • KWL
  • Somebody-wanted-but-so
  • Compoare-and-contrast attribute chart
  • Problem/soultion graphic organizer
  • I-Chart
  • I-Guide
  • Text-dependent question/response organizer
  • Six-part opinion organizer
  • Thinking map

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