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More Power! Instruction in Co-Taught Classrooms

The Forum on Education w/ Marilyn Friend, PhD
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From The Forum on Education at India University comes the professional development video, "More Power! Instruction in Co-Taught Classrooms," part of the Forum's Co-Teaching Video Series.  Presented by nationally renowned co-teaching expert, Dr. Marilyn Friend, the DVD builds on the six co-teaching approaches Dr. Friend introduced in the video The Power of 2. It presents seven key dimensions of effective instructional practices for co-teachers across K-12 settings.

With this video, educators will learn about the next generation of co-teaching—an approach that empowers teachers and gives students a richer and deeper classroom experience. The program presents evidence-based strategies and shows teachers what they can do to get more power from co-teaching to improve outcomes for all students.

The seven dimensions of effective instructional practices featured in the video include:

  1. Assessment & Planning (23:30)
  2. Content, Materials, & Technology (26:00)
  3. Instructional Environment (19:40)
  4. Instructional Presentation (19:00)
  5. Student Participation (15:30)
  6. Evaluation of Performance (19:10)
  7. Adult Interactions (18:10)

A bonus section provides a brief review of the six co-teaching approaches that constitute the scaffolding on which this DVD is constructed.

Each section is designed to be viewed independently, and sections may be viewed in any order. Facilitators can customize the presentation to match the needs of their trainees. The Facilitator’s Guide helps them select appropriate video segments and lead discussions on the ideas presented in the video.

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