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Multimodal Learning for the 21st Century Adolescent

Thomas Bean
7.1" x 9"
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At the heart of multimodal teaching and learning is the mix of content, form, and function. Educators have long recognized multimodal instruction as an effective way of differentiating instruction that increases access to and content and promotes student engagement. In addition to the benefit of offering different kinds of learners different ways to access content and demonstrate understanding, multimodal teaching and learning is critical for preparing 21st century learners for a world in which information comes in a wide variety of forms and through many different media.

No longer are traditional text forms the sole or even primary source for information in the real world. The 21st century classroom should reflect the real world, and as such incorporate multiple modalities, such as combining text and visual elements to reflect the way we most often receive information through current information communication technologies (ICTs). Doing so not only prepares 21st century learners for success in the real world, but also increases their engagement in learning and helps them develop creative expression, a key 21st century skill. 

Multimodal Learning for the 21st Century Adolescent is a resource to which teachers can turn when they want to meet students' interests in producing content that has both curricular and multimodal relevance. It provides guidance on designing lessons that incorporate symbolic, aural, and visual modes of representation along with traditional print texts into lessons. A variety of practical resources for the content areas are included, along with tips on applying/adapting strategies for different ages and different disciplines/subject matter.

Each chapter features: 

  • An opening classroom vignette illustrative of situations that characterize content-area teaching today and the attributes of today's adolescent learners
  • Definitions of terms related to multimodal space and digital technologies
  • Recommended readings with annotations that provide insight into ideas from educators, researchers, philosophers, and novelists about 21st century teaching and learning
  • Examples of classroom practices using multimodal resources
  • Reflections on 21st century learning with suggestions for exploring your own thought about content-area teaching and learning

A one-of-kind, research-based and practice-oriented "new literacies" primer that will help teachers inspire, motivate and engage students by incorporating print, visual, audio, and Web 2.0 into teaching.

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