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Multiple Intelligences: Pathways to Success

8.5" x 11"
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The theory of multiple intelligences (MI), developed by Howard Gardner, encompasses the belief that all students are capable of learning, but not all students learn in the same way. Individual students have unique strengths and cognitive abilities that dictate how they learn best. The laminated guide Multiple Intelligences: Pathways to Success, by Thomas R. Hoerr, is an excellent quick-reference tool for teachers that identifies the eight kinds of intelligences included in Gardner's theory, and provides suggestions for how to design instruction that is accessible through multiple pathways so that all students can learn, regardless of their dominant intelligence type.

The types of intelligence stipulated by Gardner include

  • Linguistic - sensitivity to meaning and order of words
  • Logical-mathematical, the ability to handle chains of reasoning and recognize patterns and order
  • Musical – sensitivity to melody, pitch, rhythm and tone
  • Bodily-kinesthetic – ability to use one’s body skillfully
  • Spatial – ability to accurately perceive and recreate the world
  • Naturalist – ability to recognize and classify different species in the environment
  • Interpersonal – ability to understand people and relationships
  • Intrapersonal – the ability to understand one’s own emotional life

 In addition to offering teaching strategies, the guide provides teachers with tips on how to use MI in assessments, including on standardized tests.

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