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MySELF: I Believe in Myself

Story 1 Title:
I Can Make a Plan
Story 2 Title:
I am a Star!
Story 3 Title:
Don't Give Up!
Story 4 Title:
Let's Get Started
Story 5 Title:
Dylan's Questions
Story 6 Title:
I Will Find a Way
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Studies show that emotional intelligence is the best predictor of a child's future achievement-- better even than IQ and technical skills combined. Furthermore, many of the problems that arise in classrooms and schools-- from course failure, to absenteeism and dropping out, to violence and conflict-- are caused by a inadequate social and emotional intelligence. Fortunately, social and emotional skills can be learned and enhanced at any age; however, the earlier one beings the social emotional learning (SEL) process, the greater the advantages.

The MySELF (Social Emotional Learning Foundations) series was developed to build social and emotional intelligence and literacy skills in children in preK through first grade. Each child-centered theme set features six engaging, relatable stories that meet the kindergarten and first grade Common Core State Standards for Foundational Skills. The stories prompt discussions about real-world experiences and foster a love of reading.

myself-believe-in-myself-books.jpgThe "I Believe in Myself" theme set addresses the theme of self motivation, and being able to set goals and persevere toward them with optimism and hope. It includes the following stories:

  • I Can Make a Plan
  • I Am s Star!
  • Don't Give Up!
  • Let's Get It Started
  • Dylan's Questions
  • I Will Find a Way

Each of the theme's six stories is presented in small book and lap book format. Small books are designed for individual student use, while lap books are for shared reading. A theme poster helps students make connections between the fictional story line and real-world applications.

For each set purchased, you will receive

  • Six copies of the small book for each of the theme's six stories (a total of 36 books)
  • One copy of the lap book for each of the theme's six stories
  • One poster

Materials meet the kindergarten and first grade Common Core State Standards for Foundational Skills and are ideal for use in Head Start programs, Universal PreK settings, Special Ed or after-school programs as well as primary classrooms, with school psychologists, and at home with families.

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