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Differentiated Instruction: Creating Inclusive Classrooms, New Laminated Guide by Jacqueline Thousand and Richard Villa Now Available


From the authors of the best-selling Inclusive Education ChecklistJacqueline Thousand and Richard Villa, comes Differentiated Instruction: Creating Inclusive Classrooms, a new laminated guide designed to help teachers differentiate instruction for the diverse learners in their classrooms, including English learners, those with identified disabilities, and those impacted by poverty and homelessness.

The authors explain the what and why of inclusive education and differentiated instruction, and provide a framework, examples, as well as technology and print resources to help teachers differentiate their instruction using Retrofit and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approaches and Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory. The guide includes a Retrofit Mismatch and Solution-Finding Template to identify and correct mismatches between facts about the student and facts about the class or lesson. The primary focus of the guide is on the proactive UDL approach, which builds in differentiated alternatives at each of four instructional design points: gathering facts about student learners, content differentiation considerations, product differentiation considerations, and process differentiation considerations. It provides a list of questions to consider at each design point, and detailed examples of the application of UDL. It also includes a section on actions administrators can take to promote inclusive schooling and differentiated instruction.

This concise yet comprehensive guide can now be purchased on our website, at Volume discounts are applied to orders of 10 copies or more. 

Managing Classroom Behaviors Using an RTI/MTSS Framework - New Laminated Guide Now Available

From Jim Wright, founder of the popular website Intervention Central, comes a new quick-reference laminated guide packed with strategies to help teachers manage classroom behaviors using an RTI/MTSS framework.The six-page (tri-fold) tool reviews the three-tier framework of progressive intervention and supports, as well as the fundamentals of effective behavior management. It goes on to provide simple, effective strategies for managing the [...]

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UDL and ESSA: New Laminated Reference Guide for Teachers Now Available

The new quick-reference laminated guide UDL and ESSA: An Educator's Guide to Effective Planning, Instruction & Assessment by Stacy Dean, is now in stock and available for immediate shipment!This six-page (trifold) guide reviews key parts of the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), focusing on where the law calls for the use of universal design for learning [...]

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The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists By Ken Shore Now Available

From Dr. Kenneth Shore, author of The ABC's of Bullying Prevention, An Educator's Guide to Bullying Prevention, and Bullying Prevention for Students with Disabilities comes the new book The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists: A Practical, Easy-to-Use Guide for All School Staff. This new release is now in stock and can be purchased through the NPR, Inc. website at at is [...]

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Co-Teaching and Technology: Enhancing Communication and Collaboration by Marilyn Friend and Brian Friedlander Now In Stock

From co-teaching authority Marilyn Friend and assistive technology expert Brian Friedlander comes the new six-page, quick-reference laminated guide  Co-Teaching and Technology: Enhancing Communication and Collaboration. This handy tool for co-teachers features an overview of co-teaching fundamentals, along with recommendations of over two dozen free and low-cost applications and programs for Expediting co-planning Improving communication Streamlining data collection Augmenting assessment Simplifying data [...]

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The Inclusive Education Checklist -- New Book New Available

We are pleased to announce the release of The Inclusive Education Checklist: A Self-Assessment of Best Practices, written by Richard Villa and Jacqueline Thousand. This new book is a must-have tool for educators and school administrators seeking to provide a high quality inclusive environment for students with disabilities. The authors present 15 best practices for inclusion and [...]

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Using Data to Improve Student Performance - New Laminated Guide Now Available

Announcing the release of our newest laminated reference guide, Using Data to Improve Student Performance: Making it Meaningful to Classroom Teachers, by David Bateman and Jennifer Cline. This 6-page guide is packed with information on understanding, collecting and interpreting data, and putting it to use. Read more about this new release on our blog. To order, visit Note [...]

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Test Anxiety: Strategies to Improve Student Performance – New Laminated Guide Now Available

From Dr. Joseph Casbarro, author of the book Test Anxiety and What You Can Do About It, comes this new quick-reference laminated guide for teachers, parents and school staff. The 6-page guide provides practical, evidence-based strategies for reducing test-related anxiety and improving test performance and overall well-being in students ranging from elementary to high school age. It includes information about the cognitive, [...]

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Executive Function: Skill Building and Support Strategies - New Laminated Guides Now Available

Executive function— the broad set of cognitive skills used to organize, self-monitor, control and direct one’s behavior toward purposeful goals— affects learning, behavior, and every aspect of school success. Students with executive function weaknesses— including many of those diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, and certain other learning disabilities— often struggle with things like memory, attention, time management, self-control, [...]

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New Release: Schools of Social-Emotional Competence and Character

Just in time for Character Education month, we are proud to announce the release of the newest in our series of quick-reference laminated guide for educators: Schools of Social-Emotional Competence and Character: Actions for School Leaders, Teachers, and Support Staff. This six-page laminated guide by Maurice Elias and Marvin Berkowitz is designed to help educators build and sustain schools [...]

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