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Optimizing Intelligences: Thinking, Emotion & Creativity, Video

Howard Gardner, Peter Salovey, Daniel Goleman, & Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
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45 minutes
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Educators who teach children, psychologists who counsel clients, and social service professionals who work with families all strive to answer one of life's most fundamental questions: How do we develop human potential? Optimizing Intelligences turns to three pioneering authorities in the field of learning and intelligence -- Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi -- to reflect on this question through the lens of their research and theories about human growth, learning, and potential.

The video is hosted by Peter Salovey, President-Elect of Yale University professor and co-founder of the theory of emotional intelligence. Dr. Salovey guides the viewer in an exploration of three of the most innovative paradigms about human growth, learning and potential:

  • Emotional intelligence (Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer, Daniel Goleman)
  • Multiple intelligences (Howard Garnder)
  • Flow (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)

These psychologists challenge many traditionally held beliefs about learning and intelligence. Their theories continue to have a profound impact on education in America.

Also featured in the film are staff members from Four Winds Hospital in New York, as well as world-renowned educators Renilde Montessori of the Assoc. Montessori Internationale, Maurice Elias, professor at Rutgers University, and Jo Gusman, expert on English language learners (ELLs).

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Optimizing Intelligences: Thinking Emotion and Creativing Preview (04:42)
This video from National Professional Resources is hosted by Peter Salovey, Yale University professor and co-founder of the field of Emotional Ingelligence. He is joined by Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, experts in the field of psychology.These world-renowned experts challenge traditionally held beliefs about learning and intelligence, and share their findings related to the multiple intelligences model of human development.For more information, see
  • Optimizing Int...
    This video from National Professional Resources is hosted by P...

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