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PDXpert: Differentiated Instruction: A Firm Foundation

Title 2:
for Learning and Instruction
The Master Teacher
3-ring binder, CD-ROM, and USB Flashdrive
Running Time:
3 hours
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Price: $300.00
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Ongoing, high-quality professional development is not a luxury-- it's a necessity. School leaders, teachers, and staff must be continually learning, growing and honing their craft in order ensure students receive the outstanding education they deserve. Unfortunately, bringing in outside facilitators to lead professional development workshops can be prohibitively expensive at a time when many school budgets are squeezed. Sending staff to workshops hosted off-campus is likewise not only expensive, but difficult to schedule. PDXpert's complete professional development workshop modules solves these common problems by offering schools everything they need to host high-quality, professional development workshops in house, with minimal preparation and at a fraction of the cost of hiring third-party workshop facilitators.

Each easy-to-use PDXpert turn-key solution includes the following components:

  • Pre-session and planning materials
  • Workshop agenda
  • Presentation outline
  • PowerPoint presentation with presenter's notes
  • Attendee handouts
  • Follow-up activities and implementation guides 
  • Evaluation forms
  • Certificates of completion

Resources included with each PDXpert include a presenter's binder with printouts of all the workshop materials, as well as a CD-ROM and USB flash drive with electronic and downloadable files.  All PDXpert workshops are aligned with Learning Forward (NSDC) Standards for Professional Learning.

Differentiated Instruction: A Firm Foundation for Learning and Instruction is a 3-hour long workshop (which can also be presented as multiple shorter sessions) covering the following topics:

  • Differentiating Instruction for Students' Skill Levels and Interests: Differentiated Classroom; Differentiated Instruction
  • Modifying Instructional Materials Responsibly: Instructional Modifications vs. Curricular Modifications; Modifying Instruction
  • Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles: Learning Styles vs. Multiple Intelligences; Three Main Types of Students; The Eight Intelligences
  • Personalizing Instruction and Making Learning Meaningful: Make Your Teaching Click; Connect Instruction to Student Experience

PDXpert workshops are adaptable and can be presented year after year, making them an excellent value. As an added bonus, you will receive one free copy of the laminated reference guide, DI: Differentiated Instruction- Enhancing Teaching and Learning by Helene Hanson with your purchase-- a $12.95 value!

View an excerpt from Differentiated Instruction: A Firm Foundation for Learning and Instruction




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Product overview for The Master Teacher's PDXpert program.
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    Product overview for The Master Teacher's PDXpert program.

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