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PDXpert: The Who, Why, When & How of Making Accommodations

Master Teacher
Multimedia Kit
Running Time:
3 Hours
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Price: $300.00
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The PDXpert series offers schools cost-effective, research-based, multi-feature professional development modules that include all of the tools, materials and guidance necessary to offer in-house professional development sessions that are as thorough and effective as third party-hosted workshops, at a fraction of the cost.  As an added bonus, every PDXpert module purchased through NPR, Inc. comes with a complimentary quick-reference laminated guide! 

The Who, Why, When & How of Making Accommodations is a step-by-step resource for conducting a three-hour long professional development session (or multiple shorter sessions) on implementing accomodations to meet the needs of all learners, including those with disabilities, in conformance with federal law and best practices. When you purchase this turnkey workshop, you will receive the durable laminated guide, Section 504: Understanding the Law, free! 

Topics covered in The Who, Why, When & How of Making Accommodations workshop include

  • Background: IDEA, Inclusion
  • The Facts: What are accomodations? When should accomodations be used and why? Who benefits from accomodations?  
  • What Can I Do: The role of teachers
  • Different kinds of accomodations
  • Specific ideas based on disability

Components include

  • Pre-session planning materials
  • Presentation materials, including PowerPoint presentations, participant handouts, training activities, Q&A reference
  • Post-session evaluation forms and certificate of completion
  • Follow-up and extension materials for ongoing professional development

With reproducible resources included in print and electronic form in a three-ring binder, CD-ROM, and flash drive, the workshop can be used time and time again with new staff, for less than the cost of a single session by a third party/outside presenter. 

This workshop, along with all others in the PDXpert series, is aligned with National Staff Development Council Standards. 

Select the tab "Product Videos" to view a short overview of the PDXpert Series.

PDXpert Video 1 - Product Overview (02:12)
Product overview for The Master Teacher's PDXpert program.
  • PDXpert Video ...
    Product overview for The Master Teacher's PDXpert program.

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