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Peer To Peer Instruction In The Classroom:

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An RTI Classroom Resource
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Peer instruction is a powerful instructional strategy that involves students teaching and providing feedback to each other while the teacher facilitates and supervises learning.  The approach, which can be implemented across grade levels and content areas, engages students in learning and promotes collaborative and social skills. It allows teachers greater flexibility while providing students one-on-one assistance. This research-based approach is a sound option for Tier 1 (whole class) instruction/intervention within the framework of Response to Intervention (RTI).

In this six-page (tri-fold) laminated guide, author Karen Kemp provides essential information about peer instruction, including the different structures and arrangements, and describes and outlines the steps of ClassWide Peer Tutoring, an easy-to-implement, fixed-format peer tutoring structure based on reciprocal student instruction and built-in reinforcement. It describes the benefits of classwide peer tutoring, including its ease of implementation and proven effectiveness with diverse students of all ages and ability levels, including regular and special education students, English language learners (ELLs), those with attention deficit disorder and students at risk for academic failure. It also explains how classwide peer tutoring can be used as an RTI Tier 1 intervention. 

Peer to Peer Instruction: An RTI Classroom Resource provides an easy-to-follow flowchart of the ClasssWide Peer Tutoring process and detailed step-by-step instructions for implementation. Also included are

  • Reproducible scorecard sample
  • Example of completed team scorecard
  • Example of completed class scorecard
  • Recommended rewards

The guide is a handy quick-reference that teachers can use easily and often to implement peer tutoring that is engaging, enjoyable, and effective.

To download scorecards, please click on the PDF links below:


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