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Professional Learning Communities by Design:

Title 2:
Putting the Learning Back Into PLCs
Lois E. Brown Easton
Paperback & CD-ROM
8.5" x 11"
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Most educators know the term "professional learning community" or "PLC" and its purpose: to improve student learning by improving quality teaching. They know that a PLC is comprised of a team of professional educators, but they often don't know what needs to happen when the team meets to create and maintain an effective PLC.

Professional Learning Communities by Design: Putting the Learning Back in PLCs is a book about growing professional learning communities that offers guidelines towards coherence and achievement of purpose for PLCs. More description than prescription, the book follows the story of one middle school from its first steps in becoming a PLC through its first years of engagement in the process. Throughout the telling of the story, author Lois E. Brown Eaton offers insights and “lessons learned” about the ways PLCs develop, structure themselves, mature and sustain themselves. 

Readers will learn the 12 qualities of powerful professional learning that distinguish it from “drive-by” or "sit n’ git" professional development: 

  1. Arises from and returns benefits to the real world of teaching and learning
  2. Requires the collection, analysis and presentation of real data
  3. Begins with what will really help young people learn
  4. Results in applications in the classroom
  5. Professional learning experiences may not formally end; rather, may evolve in a cycle of continuous improvement
  6. Honors the professionalism, expertise, experience and skills of staff
  7. Content-rich
  8. Collaborative or has collaborative aspects
  9. Establishes a culture of quality
  10. Results in “buy in” because those who implement change are involved in the design of the change
  11. Slows the pace of schooling, providing time for the inquiry and reflection that promote learning and application
  12. Provides meaningful learning activities

The book comes with a companion CD-ROM with materials educators can use to put what they learn into action. These include:

  • Professional learning designs for varied PLC contexts
  • Helpful forms, templates, and rubrics
  • Protocols for collecting, analyzing, and applying data

 This engaging book will stimulate reflection and discussion, helping educators create and maintain vibrant PLCs that help teachers and students succeed.

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