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Richard Lavoie: How Difficult Can This Be? F.A.T. City

Title 2:
A Learning Disabilities Workshop
Richard Lavoie
Running Time:
70 minutes
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Nearly 25 years since its initial release, the internationally acclaimed video, F.A.T. City: How Difficult Can This Be?, remains one of the most popular and important films on the topic of learning disabilities, and still ranks among the top must-see videos for educators in general and special education.

The 70-minute video features footage of acclaimed educator, author, and presenter, Richard Lavoie, presenting his now-famous F.A.T. City workshop to a group of teachers, administrators and other educators, as well as parents, caregivers, and siblings of children with learning disabilities. Using simulations and contrived activities as models, the workshop enables participants to experience for the first time what it's really like to contend with the wrenching emotions and stresses-- the Frustration, Anxiety, and Tension (F.A.T.)-- that children with learning disabilities face on a daily basis. At the end of the workshop, participants wind up frustrated, angry, and in tears — and finally understand what it's like to live with a learning disability.

 The film includes several of the participants discussing their powerful experiences at the workshop and reflecting upon how the workshop changed their approach to working with/caring for children with learning disabilities. Like these workshop participants, viewers of the video will come away with a new understanding and greater empathy for the challenges faced by children with learning disabilities. 

This hugely popular video is highly recommended for preservice and inservice teachers. It gives teachers a unique opportunity to "walk a mile" in the shoes of the students who invariably cause complications and disruptions in the classroom, and gives them insight into a child's troubling behaviors. Lavoie points out that the kids whom educators understand the least are the kids who need their help the most. "They need us to be at our best," says Lavoie. "They can't function, grow, or progress with anything less."

Included with the video is a discussion guide that touches on topics such as inclusion/mainstreaming, self-concept, and discipline.  It can also be used to facilitate group presentations. 

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