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RTI and the Paraeducator's Roles: Effective Teaming

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Paraeducators—alternately referred to as teacher’s aides, educational assistants, associates or paraprofessionals—are present in most educational settings, where they serve as key members of special education teams. Paraeducators’ roles are many and varied and may differ from day to day and from classroom to classroom. In classrooms utilizing RTI (Response to Intervention) to assess students and provide academic and behavioral interventions, paraeducators are valuable members of RTI teams.

RTI and the Paraeducator’s Roles identifies four primary roles of paraeducators in the classroom (Chapter 1) and the ways in which paraeducators can contribute to the RTI process from the perspective of each role (Chapters 2-5). The four roles of the paraeducator are described as follows :

  • The Collaborator: Works with interventionists (teachers) and as an interventionist to problem solve on behalf of students.
  • The Communicator: Shares information about individual students (e.g., characteristics, challenges and successes, personal preferences).
  • The Instructional Supporter: Reviews and reinforces instruction initially delivered by the teacher at different tiers of RTI.
  • The Progress Monitor: Utilizes a research-based process to continually measure students’ academic and/or behavioral performance related to effectiveness of instruction and interventions.

RTI and the Paraeducator’s Roles is designed as a practical resource for paraeducators, their supervising teachers, and RTI team members. It clarifies the paraeducator’s tasks, goals and responsibilities within the team, but also addresses common challenges teams face together and offers tips for overcoming these challenges.

Multiple reproducible checklists, worksheets, goal-planning forms and process lists are included in each chapter, and a section of “vital vernacular” appears at the end of each chapter. Team-building activities are also incorporated through the book, all of which contribute to making RTI and the Paraeducator’s Roles a practical resource that will prepare paraeducators to contribute meaningfully to RTI teams and prepare schools to efficiently utilize paraeducators. 

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