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RTI: Create Your Own Response to Intervention: Two Approaches

Title 2:
to Prevent Chronic Failure
Dr. Alan Coulter
2-Disc Set
Running Time:
70 minutes, 116 minutes
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Price: $149.00
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RTI is a way forward. After viewing you'll be better able to create a Response To Intervention that fits your school.  This product features more than two hours of footage and step-by- step instruction featuring national education consultant Dr. Alan Coulter, director of the National Center for Special Education Accountability Monitoring, operated by the Human Development Center in New Orleans. He has served on the President's Commission on Excellence in Special Education and was a member of the National Monitoring Stakeholders Group. He has received the Child Advocacy Award from the National Association of School Psychologists. He offers ways for preventing chronic student and school failure.

Principals, master teachers and consultants in Illinois and Michigan will demonstrate two approaches - the protocol and problem-solving approaches that meet the intent and spirit of IDEIA 2004. Coulter compares and contrasts the two approaches so teachers, principals and central office leaders construct their own approach based on RTI or EIS that meets their school's context and needs, staff commitments and starting point. One superintendent called RTI “an embedded school improvement model focused on prevention.”

You will gain:

  • Knowledge of RTI core principles
  • Awareness of two approaches: Protocol & Problem-Solving
  • Appreciation for collaborative consultation
  • Familiarity with problem solving teams
  • Mastery of integrating a multi-tier approach
  • Understanding of the challenges of implementation

DVD Contents

  • Coulter Introduction
  • Protocol Approach
    • RTI Defined
    • Common Data System
    • Scientifically Based Instruction: A RTI Concept
    • Problem-Solving Team
    • Tier Two — Timi
    • Tier Three — Zach
    • Positive Behavior Support
    • Challenges: Introducing RTI at Your School
    • Infrastructure Challenges: Continuum of Services
    • Infrastructure Challenges: Time
    • Infrastructure Challenges: District Support
    • Infrastructure Challenges: Staff Development
    • Defining School and Student Success
    • Getting Started with RTI
  • Problem-Solving Approach
    • Goal of ICT
    • Instructional Consultation Teams: The Base of the Pyramid
    • Implementing ICT: Training
    • The Heart of ICT: Problem-Solving Process
    • Implementing ICT: Time and Money
    • Implementing ICT: Systemic Changes
    • Why ICT?
  • Coulter Summary

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