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RTI & DI: The Dynamic Duo

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37 minutes
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Response To Intervention (RTI) and differentiated instruction (DI) are two research-based, evidence-supported approaches for addressing the needs of diverse students, including those with special needs. They share many common elements, including a student-centered focus and reliance upon ongoing assessments to inform decision making and facilitate effective instruction. Each model is powerful in its own right, but when purposefully paired, their effectiveness is amplified manifold. In this video, co-hosts Lynn Heintzman and Helene Hanson show viewers how to effectively use RTI and DI together to derive the greatest benefit for students. 

A powerful teacher training and professional development tool, RTI & DI: The Dynamic Duo demonstrates the complementary role of differentiated instruction in implementing RTI. Viewers will learn

  • The three essential components of DI
  • The six common elements of RTI and DI
  • How to structure effective RTI teams
  • The process for identifying students with special needs (i.e., students with disabilities, gifted/talented students and ELL students)
  • How to effectively differentiate instruction at the Tier 1 (core curriculum instruction) level of RTI
  • How to effectively differentiate instruction at the Tier 2 (targeted instruction) level of RTI

This engaging and practical video showcases a range of effective intervention strategies, such as the use of support staff, flexible grouping, continuous progress monitoring and data collection, that demonstrate what makes RTI and DI the "dynamic duo!"

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Response to Intervention and Differentiated Instruction Preview (04:26)
This video is a short preview of our production "RTI & DI: The Dynamic Duo," which provides information on differentiating instruction in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Response to Intervention implementations. This DVD is available from National Professional Resources, Inc. For the video product page, see:
  • Response to In...
    This video is a short preview of our production "RTI & DI: The...

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