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RTI: Lesson Planning & Instructional Decision Making: Keys to Success

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in Elementary Classrooms
Paperback, spiral bound
12" x 9"
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In RTI Lesson Planning & Instructional Decision Making, author Mary Little offers elementary school teachers a treasure trove of valuable information, insight, and strategies to help them better plan and implement evidence-based interventions to help struggling learners.

This detailed guidebook is appropriate both for teachers who are experienced with the day-to-day application of Response To Intervention (RTI), as well as those who are unaccustomed to using the RTI framework in the classroom. Because RTI involves a team approach and requires a supportive schoolwide culture, all school staff and stakeholders will benefit from this practical, accessible, and comprehensive resource.  

Dr. Little draws upon her vast experience as a classroom teacher and principal, as well as the knowledge and expertise she has cultivated as an academic and noted expert in the field, to provide an easy-to-follow set of guidelines for effective lesson planning.

Using the acronym OPTIONS, the author identifies critical lesson components to be considered during lesson planning:

  • Outcomes; objectives
  • Prior knowledge, prerequisite skills, pre-test skills
  • Teaching within tiers; techniques; technology
  • Intensify instruction/intervention
  • Ongoing progress monitoring (including formative assessment)
  • Needs of individuals and group
  • Summarize, share, strategize (using data to make decisions and evaluate progress)

The acronym PAIR is used to define the process of team-based problem solving and instructional design:

  1. Problem identification: Determine the problem/concern that needs to be addressed
  2. Analysis: Analyze the problem using multiple sources of student data 
  3. Intervention: Agree upon a defined, achievable goal and develop a plan for reaching that goal that involves specific interventions that can be implemented with a high degree of fidelity
  4. Response to the intervention: Use student data to evaluate the student's response to the intervention(s), make adjustments as needed 

RTI Lesson Planning & Instructional Decision Making goes in-depth to explore how teachers can best reach and teach all students within a framework of Response To Intervention and using the philosophies and tenets of Differentiated Instruction (DI) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Sample ready-to-use instructional interventions are provided, as is a listing of dozens of additional topic-specific online, print and video resources. The convenient spiral binding makes it easy to photocopy the many planning, decision-making and data collection forms, reflection prompts, and instructive flow charts and graphics included in the book. 

This new book delivers on its promise to equip teachers, RTI team members, administrators and other educators with the keys unlocking the power of RTI in elementary classrooms.

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