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Social and Emotional Learning & Mental Health Resources

SEL and MH Resources for Educators

Many students returning to school virtually, in-person, or through a hybrid model are experiencing heightened social-emotional and mental health challenges. Social isolation from school closures, coupled with fears about the health, safety, and financial security of themselves and loved ones, is causing increased anxiety and depression, especially among students who have a trauma history. NPR, Inc. has simple yet effective resources by preeminent SEL, trauma, and mental health experts that provide evidence-based strategies to help educators address students’ needs in these unsettling times. 

Implementing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in Classrooms and Schools

By Marc Brackett, Nicole A. Elbertson, Dena N. Simmons, and Robin S. Stern

This 6-page, quick-reference laminated guide by Marc Brackett and colleagues at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, provides educators with an introduction to SEL, guidelines for effective implementation of SEL in your classroom and school, an introduction to the RULER approach to SEL, strategies to promote your own social and emotional wellbeing, and a classroom SEL evaluation tool.

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ISEL Guide

A Trauma-Informed and Culturally Responsive (TICR) Approach in Classrooms

By Isaiah Pickens & Schenike Massie-Lambert

This quick-reference laminated guide provides an overview of the three tenets of a TICR approach for maximizing students' social-emotional and academic well-being, gives you the tools to understand the underlying reason for behavior issues, identifies common trauma triggers, outlines how to adjust the classroom to become more responsive to the needs of students with trauma, and more!

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TICR guide

Addressing Student Mental Health: Teachers as First Responders

By Joseph Casbarro

This quick-reference laminated guide will help teachers to be aware of common mental health disorders and concerns, recognize the warning signs that may indicate a potential mental health problem, understand the issues affecting students' mental health, support students in need, and more!

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ASMH guide

Mental Health for Parents - ELEMENTARY EDITION

By Christine Ditrano

This guide provides parents with a reference to understanding mental health in children (including myths and warning signs) and in taking concrete action to improve their child’s mental health.

Available in Spanish

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ACTM guide

Mental Health for Parents - SECONDARY EDITION

By Christine Ditrano

This guide provides parents with a reference to understanding mental health in children (including myths and warning signs) and in taking concrete action to improve their child’s mental health.

Available in Spanish

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ACTM guide

The ACT Matrix: A Mindful Process for SEL, Mental Health, Collaboration, and Achievement

By Phil Tenaglia

The ACT Matrix walks students through a process of identifying values, regulating emotionally challenging experiences, and achieving greater satisfaction and success academically and socially. It can be used at all grade levels (K-12).

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ACTM guide

Addressing Equity Through Culturally Responsive Education & SEL

By Maurice Elias and Larry Leverett

This guide provides educators with strategies to incorporate social-emotional and character development (SEL) and culturally responsive education (CRE) within their classrooms so that students receive what they need to develop their full academic and social potential.

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AECR guide

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support:A Flowchart for MTSS, RTI, SWPBS, Social-Emotional RTI, and Suicide Prevention & Intervention

By Gary Schaffer

This quick-reference guide presents detailed MTSS flowcharts for academic RTI, behavior (school wide positive behavioral support/SWPBS), social-emotional RTI, and suicide prevention. Each flowchart identifies core curriculum, practices, and programs; suggests universal screening tools; lists criteria for determining whether to advance student to next tier; recommends interventions at each tier; identifies progress monitoring tools and frequency of use.

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Social, Emotional, and Character Development:For Teachers, For Students, For Parents

By Ed Dunkelblau

This guide provides an overview of what social, emotional, and character development (SECD) is, why it’s so important, and how to infuse simple character-building lessons throughout the curriculum and all aspects of the classroom and school.

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Schools of Social-Emotional Competence and Character

By Maurice Elias and Marvin Berkowitz

This laminated guide is designed for school leaders, staff, and educators who seek not only to educate students, but also to promote character, social-emotional competence, and a schoolwide climate of safety, caring, challenge, support, respect, and inspiration.

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School Climate: Building Safe, Supportive, and Engaging Classrooms and Schools

By Johnathan Cohen and Maurice Elias

This laminated guide for teachers and school administrators provides practical strategies that foster the social, emotional, ethical, civic, and intellectual dimensions of learning.

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Creating Emotionally Literate Classrooms

By Marc A. Brackett and Janet Pickard Kremenitzer

This book introduces The RULER Approach, an evidence-based social and emotional learning program that teaches 5 key emotional literacy skills: Recognizing emotions in oneself and others; Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions; Labeling the full range of emotions using a rich vocabulary; Expressing emotions appropriately in different contexts; Regulating emotions effectively to foster healthy relationships and achieve goals.

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